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We want to work with our customers to prevent waste and promote reuse, and that is why we have created the sustainability category ‘recycled’. Products carrying this symbol are made from materials that have been given a second life in line with a circular approach. From recycled cotton to PET bottles: reusability is what we focus on to conserve resources.


The cultivation of raw materials plays an important role in making products sustainable. Products carrying this symbol are made from at least 90 per cent organic materials whose cultivation does not involve environmentally harmful pesticides, such as organic cotton. This reduces the environmental impact of the cultivation process.


Consideration for humans, animals and nature is an important component of sustainable action and decisive for any product that is awarded the ‘responsible’ seal. Alternative fibres and gentle material extraction protect animal welfare. In addition, the certified companies are particularly dedicated to improving working conditions in production as well as protecting people from exploitation, and they pay special attention to fair pay.